About Us

Why Rent Our Coolers?

Mobile-Coolers.com was created to fill the need of seasonal sales from food businesses needing more than their existing walk-in cooler space.   ​

We now serve so many other needs and find new uses all the time.  From caterers and weddings to family reunions, having the right amount of cold space available relieves the headache of ice and wet food.

Units are ideal for

  • Weddings / Family Reunions
  • Beer Gardens, Additional Outdoor Taps
  • Large parties / Block Parties
  • Festivals and Community Fairs
  • Catering and Private Functions
  • Existing Walk-in outages/upgrades/remodeling
  • Seasonal Cooling Space Needs​



  • Meets public health standards
  • Easy to use-can be placed close your kitchen / event
  • Clean, professional grade appearance
  • No loud generator or diesel fumes
  • Additional storage for peak seasons
  • Emergency refrigeration
  • Trailers fit within a single car parking space
  • Low Deck Height Easy Entry
  • Operate from a standard electrical connection or our optional quite propane generator