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1. RENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Renter must be over 21-years of age, have a valid Arizona Driver’s License and a
major credit card. Proof of automobile insurance is necessary when customers tow the rental refrigerated
trailer. Responsibility and liability for any and all damages to rental refrigerated trailer shall remain with the
Renter during the rental period, to include theft, vandalism and abusive use. Rental refrigerated trailers
must remain at delivered site and are not to be moved by Renter or others.
2. DEPOSITS, CHARGES AND PAYMENTS: All Payments are to be by credit card, cash, ACH Debit, Bank Wire
or on approved open accounts. Confirmed reservations require a $200 non-refundable deposit. The
Confirmed Reservation Deposit is applied toward the total rental charges at the beginning of the rental.
Confirmed Reservation Deposits will be forfeited upon cancellation of reservations. Deposits are not
required on approved open accounts.  Rental charges are paid in advance. Rental charges are based upon the total number of
days the equipment is rented in the Rental Period.
3. RENTAL PERIOD: 1-Day=24 hours, 1-Week=7 days, 1-month=30 days. Minimum rental period is one (1)
4. DELIVERY AND PICK UP: Mobile Cooler will deliver the rental refrigerated trailer to the location where it
will be used, set it up and then pick it up at the end of the rental, at no additional charge to the customer
within 30 miles of our office in the Phoenix area. The Renter shall provide ample access for delivery and
proximity to sufficient electrical service/outlet that meets the refrigeration unit’s
requirements/specifications, unless the equipment is to be powered by a generator that is capable of
providing sufficient electrical service to the unit.
5. RENTER ACKNOWLEDGES RECEIPT of the herein described personal property. Both parties agree that the
property was inspected by the Owner and personally examined by the Renter at the time of delivery to and
accepted by the Renter and that the property was in good and serviceable condition.
6. TITLE to the rented property is and at all times shall remain in the Owner. Only the parties hereto and those
other persons whose names are listed on the reverse side, are authorized to use the property and Renter
will not permit the property to be used by any other person or at any other address other than the address
designated on the reverse side without the expressed consent of the Owner.
7. WARRANTY: The parties agree that the Owner is not the manufacturer of said property nor the agent of the
manufacturer and that no warranty is given against evident or hidden defects in material, workmanship or
8. FAILURE​: In the event that the rental property becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, Renter agrees to
immediately discontinue its use and promptly contact the Owner.
9. TERMINATION​: At the termination of this agreement, the Renter will promptly Notify the Owner for pick up
of the rented property and all its parts and attachments. It is to be in the same condition as it was received,
ordinary wear and tear excepted. The Renter agrees to pay for any damage to the property or loss of its
parts or attachments, while in his possession or control. Should collection or litigation become necessary to
collect damage and or loss, Renter agrees to pay all collection charges, including reasonable attorney’s fees
and court costs.
10. LIABLE: Owner shall not be liable to Renter for any loss, delay or damage of any kind resulting from defects
or inefficiency of the rented property or accidental breakage. Renter agrees to indemnify and save harmless
the Owner against all loss, damage, expense and penalty arising from any action on account of any injury to
person or property occasioned by the operation, handling or transportation of the leased property during
the rental period or while the property is in the possession or control of the Renter. Owner is not
responsible for loss or damage to product or contents in event of failure or Misuse.
11. LEVY OR LIEN: Renter will give Owner immediate notice of any levy attempted upon the rental property, or
if the property for any cause becomes liable to seizure, and indemnify Owner against all loss and damages
caused by such action, including Owner’s reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.
12. EXTENDED USE: Renter will not retain the rental property beyond the “Due In” time without prior notice to
and the consent of the Owner. Renter will pay rental price in advance or with prior agreement with Owner,
immediately upon return of the property. Should collection or litigation become necessary, Renter agrees to
pay all collection charges, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.
13. DUE DATE: At Owner’s sole discretion, all charges may revert to the daily rate if any monthly statement or
invoice is not promptly paid. Owner will not make a refund on any items out over thirty (30) minutes. Owner
may at his sole discretion, report the rental property stolen if held beyond “Due In” date.
14. DAMAGE: We exclude from any waiver, any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by
conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or other loss due to your failure to care for the
rented item(s) as a prudent man would his own property. In addition you are not relieved of liability of
accidental damage to the container (box) caused by striking a stationary object. If any such loss tends to
indicate a crime may have been committed, a further condition of this waiver is that you must file a report
to the proper law enforcement authorities and furnish us with a copy. In addition, if you have insurance for
the loss of damage, you shall exercise, and shall empower us to exercise, all your rights to obtain recovery
under insurance, shall cooperate with Owner to obtain recovery and all insurance proceeds shall be given or
assigned to Owner.
15. DISPUTE: Renter agrees that should any paragraph or provision violate the law and is unenforceable, the
rest of the agreement will be valid.
16. CLEANING FEE: If Unit is returned in an unclean or damaged condition, Renter agrees to a forfeiture of a
portion of the deposit paid by Renter, in the following amounts: cleaning charge, $75.00; damage of any
kind, 100% of deposit will be retained until extent of damage and repair costs are determined. Renter
understand and agrees that damage costs that exceed deposit may be charged to deposit credit card.
17. CANCELLATIONS. All cancellations occurring within 48 hours of the rental date are subject to a cancellation
fee of 50% of deposit paid by Renter. Cancellations occurring within 24 hours of the rental date are subject
to a forfeiture of the entire deposit paid.
18. PAYMENT: Late Charges. Renter shall pay Owner as set forth in Section I. Renter shall pay a late charge of
15% per month, not to exceed the maximum charge allowable by law, on all charges not paid within 30 days
after the end of the Rental Period.
a. If Unit is not made available for pickup during business hours or if Unit has been relocated to any
location other than the original delivery location in violation of this Agreement, Renter is
responsible for all rental charges at the hourly rate of $20.00 until Owner or an authorized agent of
Owner checks the Unit in as returned. Renter is responsible for: (a) any damage to or theft of Unit,
including all related costs (see paragraph 6); (b) all fines, costs and attorney fees related to any legal
violations incurred by Owner with respect to Unit occurring during the Rental Period, unless caused
by Owner; and (c) all expenses incurred by Owner in the collection of amounts due Owner under
this Agreement or in regaining possession of Unit or in enforcing any term or condition of this
Agreement, including attorney’s fees, Owner’s administrative fees, and any other costs or expenses
incurred by Owner.
AMOUNTS OWED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. Owner limits the amount of available cash in its rental
office. Therefore, upon return of Unit rented with a cash deposit, any excess cash or cash equivalent
may be refunded by check.

19. LIMITS ON USE.​ Renter agrees to the following limits on use:
a. Unit shall not be used by any person other than Renter or additional authorized persons without
Owner’s prior written consent.
b. Unit shall be used ONLY for the purposes stated in Section I of this Agreement.
c. Unit shall not be used for any illegal purposes, or in any illegal or reckless manner.
d. Renter shall not remove any shelving, equipment, or fixtures from Unit.
e. Unit shall not be used to store or transport or store, flammables, accelerants, chemicals, corrosives,
bio-hazards, carcass, human remains or fluids, or other hazardous materials or pollutants of any
kind or nature.
f. After delivery of Unit, Renter shall not move or relocate Unit to any other location than the delivery
location specified in Section I of this Agreement.

20. VIOLATION OF AGREEMENT. In the event of any violation of the limits on use or any other provision of this
Agreement, Owner automatically without any further notice to Renter or any additional authorized persons,
terminates Renter’s or any additional authorized person’s right to use Unit and Owner retains any other
rights and remedies provided by law. Owner has the right to seize Unit without legal process or notice to
Renter or any additional authorized persons. Renter or any additional authorized persons hereby waive all
claims for damages connected with such seizure, and shall pay all expenses incurred by Owner in returning
Unit to the original rental office.